A comprehensive curriculum is delivered across all areas of our school:


Early Years: Students are exposed to programs that promote the establishment of school routines inclusive of communication and turn-taking strategies through rich play and structured activities.


Middle Years: An integrated curriculum is designed to maximize the development of independent living skills, communication, socialization and mobility in a caring and stimulating environment which instills a sense of achievement and enhanced self esteem.


Later Years: Programs are facilitated to encourage independence and promote positive pathways to post school options. Students are actively involved in varied sport and leisure programs, volunteering and work skill experiences.


Our Programs


Our Curriculum is based on the latest Victorian Government initiatives:


- Arts Education: Music, Sensory, Creative, Self Expression

- Physical Education: Hydrotherapy, Bike Education, Bush Walking, Riding for the Disabled, Swimming, Gross Motor Programs

- Community Programs

- Literacy

- Numeracy

- Communication

- Social Education: Independence Skills, Interpersonal Skills

- Work Skills

- Transition programs for post school options

- Technology

- Our Facilities


Swimming/Hydrotherapy pool

Swimming extends student water awareness and stroke development, whilst Hydrotherapy extends the benefits of physiotherapy for physically disabled students. Warm water (32- 34 degrees Celsius) improves circulation and induces muscular relaxation. Our students really enjoy and relax in the water.



Most of the schools physiotherapy is conducted within the therapy room. This room allows our students to participate in therapy and gross motor activities.


Multi-sensory Room

The multi-sensory room is used as a source of stimulation and enjoyment for the students- this room engages the senses of sight, sound, touch, and smell. The multi-sensory room is decorated according to the current theme of the school, welcoming students to discover hidden treasures throughout the room.


Air Conditioned Classrooms

Each classroom has a fantastic student/teacher ratio, within each class room there is one teacher and at least one teacher assistant. These teams work together to promote an optimum learning environment, allowing each student to progress within their own Individualised Learning Plan.



There are separate playground areas suitable to abilities and ages. Ten staff members supervise these areas at all times ensuring optimal safety for all students. The playgrounds consist of a trampolines, playground equipment, basketball ring, cricket net, trikes and scooters, sandpit and swings.


Sensory Garden

The sensory garden was developed to create a sanctuary for the students. A tranquil, quiet area the students can relax in. It also gives students the opportunity to plant various plants and vegetables. The students can enjoy sampling their grown vegies.


And there are more...

Assembly/Multi-purpose room

Student kitchens


Art room