School Facilities

Bendigo Special Developmental School Floor Plan

This is the overall layout of Bendigo Special Developmental School, showing the locations of all our classrooms and facilities.






Each classroom has a fantastic student/teacher ratio, within each classroom there is one teacher and at least one education support staffmember. These teams work together to promote an optimum learning environment, allowing each student to progress within their own Individualised Learning Plan.



STEAM room

Our STEAM room provides the opportunity for students to engage in exciting elements of Science, Technologies, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. During STEAM students get to:

 -Program robots to navigate mazes

 -Observe the lifecycles of different animals

 -Learn about natural disasters

 -Develop amazing artwork

 -And much more!




The Library provides a space for students to learn and discover. A large selection of picture story books, information books and popular culture books encourages students to develop a love of learning literacy. Students have the option to choose a book and take it back to their classroom for further reading.



Swimming/Hydrotherapy pool

Swimming extends student water awareness and stroke development, whilst Hydrotherapy extends the benefits of physiotherapy for physically disabled students. Warm water (32- 34 degrees celsius) improves circulation and induces muscular relaxation. Our students really enjoy and relax in the water.




There are separate playground areas suitable to abilities and ages. Staff members supervise these areas at all times ensuring optimal safety for all students. The playgrounds consist of trampolines, playground equipment, basketball ring, cricket net, trikes and scooters, sandpits and swings.



Sensory Garden

The sensory garden was developed to create a sanctuary for the students. A tranquil, quiet area the students can relax in. 




Multi-purpose room

Our multi-purpose room is our largest indoor space for students and is used to host whole-school assemblies, indoor sports and special events.



Student kitchen

The student kitchen provides a valuable space for students to develop home living skills and practise good hygiene. It is also used for senior school students to create school lunch orders as part of the Career Pathways program.