School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support





Bendigo Special Developmental School uses School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS),

whichis a framework designed to support student's academic outcomes and social competence. 

It does this by looking at data, systems, and practices which impact on student outcomes.

These supports are organised into a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS), whereby Tier 1

supports(universal) are used across the whole school, Tier 2 supports (targeted) are used 

for groups requiring additional support, and Tier 3 supports (individual) are used for intensive

support to individuals where it is deemed necessary.


Our school wide values are Act Safely, Show Respect, and Be Your Best. At present 

Bendigo Special Developmental School is focusing on implementing Tier 1 supports consistently 

across the school. This includes practices such as clarifying, teaching, and acknowledged 

expected behaviour, discouraging inappropriate behaviour, and ongoing monitoring of 

Be your best

student data. It is important to note that SWPBS does not stop once a student leaves the 

school grounds. Staff can support families to use the same philosophy, language, and strategies in the 

home to improve outcomes in this area as well.









Our SWPBS Student Matrix