BSDS Whole School Approach to English - Booklet 2021



PLC 1 Vision and Purpose



Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships (RRRR)

The Respectful Relationships whole-school approach, recognises that schools are a workplace, a community hub and a place of learning. Everyone involved in our school community deserves to be respected, valued and treated equally.

We know that changes in attitudes and behaviours can be achieved when positive attitudes, behaviours and equality are lived across the school community, and when classroom learning is reinforced by what is modelled in our school community. 


Classrooms explicitly teach RRRR twice a week and follow this within all areas of the school.Bendigo SDS has been acknowledged, state-wide, for their work in this area and identified as a special school of excellence and leadership in the Respectful Relationships area.



Whole School Reading Approach

At Bendigo SDS we follow an evidence based reading, spelling and writing approach using the Five Keys to Reading

Thousands of studies of the teaching of reading, and how children learn to read, have been published in scientific and academic journals. It has been found that there are five essential skills for reading and that a high quality literacy program should include all five components.

  1. Phonics: The ability to decode words using knowledge of letter-sound relationships
  2. Phonemic Awareness: The ability to identify and manipulate the distinct individual sounds in spoken words
  3. Fluency: Reading with speed and accuracy
  4. Vocabulary: Knowing the meaning of a wide variety of words and the structure of written language.
  5. Comprehension: Understanding the meaning and intent of the text

For more information go to the Five from Five website.




Strengthened Career Education

The strengthened career planning is designed to:

  • translate a student’s dreams and aspirations into specific learning goals
  • identify relevant work experience opportunities
  • give a snapshot of a student’s work-related and employability skills at a point in time

Strengthened Career Education helps students, their parents and teachers engage in career conversations about what the student can do, their strengths, and readiness for work.

For more information go to: